Childhood Fields of Clover Lyrics

Friend, why don´t you come with me,
to where we used to be on our childhood fields of clover
Share some of those magic spells
and all those wishing wells
on our childhood fields of clover
We had no restraints
We could be the villains or the saints

So won´t you stop a little while
and share a childhood smile
for the dreams that now are over
Did they really age and die
Like a little b***erfly
Left in childhood fields of clover
In the autumn chill, the modern times had their will
and our childhood days were over

But our childhood homes
Still shine like kodachromes
Where the ploughs have raped the clover
Only gold and money rule
´Dreams are just for fools, poetry will get you nowhere´
But we have a mine
Where all the yesterdays shine
For my dream is never over
So every passing day
Becomes a throwaway
Like our childhood fields of clover

The once bold and clearblue sky
Looks like it´s about to die
Who will hear the whistleblower

But in my heart I´m there
Even after all these years
I run through fields of clover
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