Forty Mile Town Lyrics

I got a way I can find you,
Down the melody ranch, I know you're there most everyday,
That's where you like to spend some time alone.
I need to talk to you,
Tell you what I feel, like warm hellos in the morning mist,
And you're the magic that turns my heart around.
Seems to me, we're really living way too fast,
Oh when we should let the story of love last.
Sometimes I just want to go and drift away...
And move on to some forty mile town.
I got a way I can see you,
Close my eyes to watch the ancient water flow,
Like a crystal dance that paupers know so well.
That's the way kings keep dreamin',
Hold their head up high and live below forty mile skies,
The way that it can be in ocean towns.

Things of this world, guess we never really own;
Oh that mountain falls, and then we're goin' home.
We should try to make the best and get away...
And work on towards a forty mile town.
Seems to me we really need to feel love more,
Oh, and ordinary smile opens the door.
Sometimes all I want to do is dream away...
And wake up in some forty mile town.
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