Climbing From Inside Lyrics

There's danger when you dig
Deep into emotion, think I've dug too far
And I can't turn back now.
Strange kinds of feeling, climbing from inside
Is this what's called love, and why is it I hide?
All before my life, I've been shoved around
So I curse this scene around me
Need to bring that fence on down.
I want a ticket out to a new world
It's a world with you.
We'll celebrate our love
The two of us share something big and new
Cause you got to me, now I'm gonna get to you.
It's restless how I'm feeling
Sure can't call this home
I've got crazy indecision and it makes me want to roam

Underneath my skin, clouds are rolling through
This is scary stormy weather, it'd be a big rain without you
Climbing from inside
Oh you're on my mind
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