All About You Lyrics

Through the pouring rain
I still feel the same, all about you
It's true, many folks agree
The answer can be, all about you
Circles get broken
From the destiny's arrows
Lives set in motion
Is that how it's got to be?

All I've got to say
Please don't slip away, when life abounds you
And you know, (it) hurts a lot, the pain
'Cause it's not the same, without you

You gave me music first
I still have the thirst to love you
And you know we still have a chance
Things could still turn right, all within you
So throw out all those hurting shoes
Please don't turn on you, life's about you
And come on, 'cause you're the king of hearts
Now a brand new start is all about you


Circles get broken,
By the destiny's arrows
Lives set in motion
That's the way it's got to be
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