A Change Has Come to Me Lyrics

Finding all that's meant to be
Visions of eternity
Surpass the integral inside
Of various disguise
What comes to pass in this new stance
Can be the often circumstance
Of always holding ever tight
To only what you know

All the possibilities
Reigning in my eyes
And the certainty of certain power
Comes quickly to my side
But it's plain to see a change has come to me

What I lived was meke believe
I stood beside a fruitless tree
Thinking of my life without
the meaning that begins
In surprise stance the magic came
And lit a light that still remains
It's grown intro the gallantry
Of something more than me

Fighting by the futile line
No reason to hang on
Till you see there really isn't such
A setting of sun gone
It's not hard to do, a change can come to you
Sister trouble's gona change
I swim glide rims of beauty
Canyon sings hymns of man and woman
Spectral praise is in the view

All the simple truths of love
Were sadly left aside
When I bought the bigger lesson false
Of learning how to hide
But it's plain to see a change has ome to me
Sister trouble gonna change
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