Axe of Judgement Lyrics

Patience is a virtue when you live for revenge
Hide your weapons, veil your hate, seek your foes unguarded and slay
Them !
Slay them!
Behead them !
Oh sweet revenge!
Behold, the axe of judgement falls!
This is war!
So make them suffer!

I share no thought for the dark depths where fate made me dwell
My hate has shaped me to perfection
A ruthless executioner
Remember this hate
Was the only thought in my head
When i woke up wounded on the ground
Stabbed in the back
A cowar's attack
Curse you!
This means war!
If I would believe in soul
I would slaughter yours
But fear and agony in your eyes
Will have to do

When the axe of judgement falls
The vindictive one stands tall

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