s*****at Gambler Lyrics

Tonight I'll board the Delta Queen
A-bound for New Orleans
And again I'll get that feelin' that I'm free
Her paddle wheels will churn;
And her smoke stacks they will burn
And slowly I'll be carried to the sea
'Cause I'm a rambler, a s*****at gambler
I make my livin' on the run
I'm a rambler, a s*****at gambler
Big Muddy will always be my home
I know every river ship
'Cause I've taken every trip
And I know every captain by his name
In the eyes of every man
I can tell what's in his hand
I guess that I have played in every game


Tonight I'm a-sittin' here
Beneath a chandelier
There's a lady here to light my big cigar
And if luck will be my friend
We'll be finished up by ten.
And we'll be standin' on the decks beneath the stars.
Repeat CHORUS to fade
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