Calling for You Again Lyrics

Here I go, calling for you again
I let you go, I didn't know better then
Cause I thought that , I was all I needed
And I'm calling for you ...
Everyday brings back your memory
And the ways that you were so good for me
Can't explain it, it's a mystery
What ever happened to me

Do you hear me calling your name in the night
And nothing seems right without you
Do you call me when you're dreaming at night
And do you still think of me
Do you still think of me at all
I was careless, I didn't understand
You were fragile, I wasn't a gentle man
Now I know you were what I needed
And I'm calling for you ...
You were more than what a friend should be
I remember just what you meant to me
I got caught up in my struggle
To be something I don't wanna be

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