Ordain'd to Thee Lyrics

Could not even [_?_]
that [_?_] my eyes and see
that there was blood through there long times ago
Oh my love now bring the day with [_?_]
even if it's lavender and I am violet by thy shame
Never more like the silver hands of the moon
With it's sheild of screams
Sensation dark as thy splendid diamonds
She is like me, autumn her love
like a bird I might wish my freedom
Eyes like a sapphire full of desire
hair of gold and lips of fire
thou art like the waters, so soft is thy skin
thou art the raven wishing he could sing
like an ember, this I writhe and I loathe
a flash of lightning so shattering thy rest
thou art the wind that carries't me up
Oh she's everything I cannot see
in my dreams she does not let me be
now as I try to abandon her she takest me
Longings of belief art past
but the hollow echoes not died away
this is all over eternally
but it seems it hath been yesterday

Now abandon me [_?_] for a kiss
it's making us feel sad [_?_]
the wetness I feel under tears of mine
that pour faster thans't they leave
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