You Are Lyrics

You Are

All the simple things that you do to me
Make me feel so right

I've been waiting for a man like you

For all my life

The way you hold me close

It's like we're dancing alone

I don't wanna let go

I've been hoping for some lovin' like this

Every night

Something 'bout the way you are

Something 'bout the way you've been making me feel
'Cause I love the way that you are

You are

Always thinking about my baby

Always wishing that you were here right next to me

'Cause I love the way that you are

You are

Even when I'm down
You change my mood around

Just by being you

Lovin' you is so easy

Easy to do

Even when you're gone

I can feel your warmth

Like the morning sun

I wanna thank you for the love you bring

Into my life
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