Glass Smash Jack Lyrics

Jimmy jack, flash smash
Broken bottle, broken crash
Shooting rotten, rotten hash
Drinking bottles, what an a*** up
What a slip up, shouting flipping
Screamers, laughers, trippers tripping
Now my grasp on reality`s slipping
My straight-jacket ain`t fitting
Glass smash jack is having a bash
See me now I have the mark
See me glowing in the dark
Play at night in the park
b**** and razors, what a lark
Knives and guns, guns are fun
I`m on the run from falling over
Over-dosed on four-leaf clover
A drink with byte I`ll call it rover
Glass smash jack wants you
Everybody wants you
Wants your co-operation

Jack smash has a mission
He is in a delicate position
For the performance of his ploy
To do and then destroy
Preferably with a hat
It`s quite a trip to hell and back
And rather warm when you`re in to bat
And it`s really isn`t cricket
Glass smash jack wants you... Etc
Mischiefs done no turning back
You`re on your own now jimmy jack
And all those memories that you bring
From childhood to the power thing
Don`t they haunt you
Don`t cry
And don`t you hate
And don`t you wish
It wasn`t too late
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