Target Lyrics

You flicker like a mile high neon sign
Hot and cold so no one knows your mind
I was going to let you win
But I won't break
For an hour I held the moon on a string
Now there's moments left til the world begins
Everything is possible it's beautiful
When will you wake up see what's happening
Right before your eyes no
And if you must blow hot cold take a swing
You will hit the target every time

So I look before I leap and I see
Wolves are at the door with my enemies
I was going to let them in but then you say
Watch the stars your feet are my enemy
It's too far for them to bring you to me
And everything is possible it's beautiful

I reach the water's edge
I wish that I could hold everybody's breath
Until no one has any left
You take me to the edge
You're the echo that I follow
The footprints that I left behind
Listen up I'll sing to you how I can
Out of luck now time is all that we have
Think about yourself and you'll kill all you love
I know our makers love all the mess they make
Out of sight behind these eyes you'll stay
Where everything is possible it's beautiful

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