Law Ma Tiji Lyrics

لو ماتيجى عنوم عينيا
وبأيدك تهز الغفا
توعي الحنين اللى فيا
اللى كان على البعد انطفى لو مابتيجى
صالحتنى مع الدنيا رجعتنى للولدنى
طفل صغير مشيطنى على الارض عم تركد حفا

قبلك قلبى كان شجرة بلى عصافير
جنه بلا الوان فراشه ما فيها تطير
غيرت الزمان بدلت البرد بدفا

لو ما الهو يمرق عبابى
يمحى بنسماته الضجر
كنت رضيان بعذابى لاهم حبه لقمر لو ما الهوا

علمت قلبى على الحكى
نسيتنى كيف البكى
وامسح الدمعه ملبكى على رمشو تعبانه السهر أهههه

if you hadn't come to my eye's sleepiness
and with your hands shacked my peace
if you hadn't woken up the craving in me
which had been faded away by the distance

if you hadn't come and made everything right
you brought me back to my childhood
to a little bright girl who runs on the floor with bare feet
Before I met you, my heart was like a tree with no birds upon

colourless paradise, a b***erfly that can't fly
you've changed the seasons, replaced the cold with warmth

if love hadn't reached my door
if love breeze hadn't removed boredom

I would have been satisfied with my suffering
no love burden, no moon

you've taught my heart to speak
you've got me to forget how to cry
and wiped away my confused tear
on my eyelashes that got tired of spending the nights awake
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