Weekend (mono mix) Lyrics

Eddie Cochran

(La la la la la la la la) (female backing throughout song)
Friday night, everything's right for the weekend
Crazy clothes, anything goes on a weekend
John called Ann & Jim got Sue
& I made a date with little ol' you
Off we went to make a big tent on the weekend

Boy, it's great just a-stayin' out late on a weekend
Know a spot & like it a lot on a weekend
Took a road to Lookout Hill
The view up there is sure a thrill
What a night to hold you tight on a weekend
There we were just sittin' cool & cozy
Just about to steal a little kiss
The police with a flashlight bright & nosy
Sayin', "Holdin' neck o'er there, what is all this?"
Car top down, just ridin' around on a weekend
Took a chance on crashin' a dance on a weekend
We were almost inside the place
When somebody slammed the door in my face
"Hey, you guys have gotta wear ties on a weekend!"

No harm done, just a-havin' some fun on a weekend
That was all, we had a big ball on the weekend

(repeat la la la's & fade)
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