Switchez Lyrics

Feat. Roc Slanga

1,2,3, and to the 4
Eazy m****f***in' E
With the chrome to your dome
Cruisin' in my '64 rag top
I got a lot of juice
A lot of f*****' block
Now when I hit that switch I'm bouncin'
More bounce to the ounce
And I'm clownin'
Keep the gat in my lap
Cuz I'm fully strapped
For the car jackers
f*** no hapsters
I pack a Tech-9
Plus a AK-47
Send a one way ticket to my hell
Or maybe heaven, peep
n**** I don't sleep
Burry m****f****s in the concrete
You try creep kinda slow in a Astro
But I peep you n***** out in my left window
So I blast and I blast til I blast no mo
Yo, they call a m****f**** John Doe

[Chorus] x 4
Cuz when I hit that switch I'm bouncin'
More bounce to the ounce
And I'm clownin'

[Roc Slanga]
Be a witness to murda
n***** bustin' out of a '64 Chevy
Straight callin' my city
n***** be winnin' and gettin' busy
Wit a tizy
Through my city
Chalk lines hang
n***** bang
Chevy's swang like it ain't no thang
The gangs bang
So n**** tuck your chain
And try to buck this thang
End up gettin' one stuck in you brain
To refrain from this game of stressin'
Smokin' on water
And fin to bang your daughter
All up in the Best Western
She like the way that my '64 hop
Drop the top
Grab a rock
Now she's givin' me top
Non stop on the all row seat
Like the made me screen
So I two-wayed my n**** Eazy-E
[Chorus] x 4

Old n**** E still cruisin'
Punk stay up on the nuts and the bone
p**** n**** had beef knocked out of his teeth
The m****f**** should have stayed his a** home
Hey yo peep them b****ez in the Honda
4 deep with the proper a** sounds
Now every time that I meet a fine cute b****
She got a friend from the f*****' Dog Pound
Hey yo b****
Here's the seven digits
Call me if you can
Only if you want it
Let a n**** know
Can I dig like a minor, 49er
Diggin' for gold from behind her
Watch this n**** do some diggin'
Pop that p**** on a platter
Watch this n**** do some diggin'
It's so tight it doesn't matter
[Chorus] x 4

Hit them swithez [hit them swithez]
Hit them swithez [come on n****]
Hit the swithez [make that s*** bounce man]
Make it bounce [make it bounce homie]
Hit them swithez [man come on homie]
Hit them swithez [make that s*** bounce homie]
Hit the swithez [three wheel motion]
Make it bounce [say what]

[Chorus] x 8

[Roc Slanga]
That's right n****
We back
That real gangsta s***
From on of the realest n***** in this game
You know his name n****
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