w****hoppin' (s***, g******) Lyrics

Smell those sweet young things.
Looky here, this one's got black hair.
She's like a death metal queen...
Struttin' s**** all through that w****hoppin' scene.
Makes me say...
(*chorus) s***, g******! I'm a Man? I'm a man?
I said s*** g******! I'm a Man!!
Ride lightning fast for fuel.
Cross the desert at the speed of sound!
I've got the night and I've got my gun.
I can't lose cos I'm the Devil's favourite son.
Make's me say...


We're the kids of the blazing sun!!
We've got the desert, got the sand, and our guns!
We love the w****hoppin, that ain't no lie...
You could tell by the devilish look in our eyes!!...
g******! I'm a Man. I'm a Man? I said, s*** g****** !! I'm a man!
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