Moon Over Parma Lyrics

Moon over Parma bring my love to me tonight.

Guide her to Eastlake, underneath your silvery light.
We met in Ashtabula, she was doing the hula.

I landed her in my radishes and pledged my love that night.

Moon over Parma, won't you bring my love to me?

Shine on the freeway and guide her AMC.
Get her past those radar Mounties, bring her to Lake County, Moon over Parma, tonight.

Moon over Parma shine on I-271. We can get together in the warm light of the sun.

I'm askin' you don't fail. Get her safely through Linndale,

I can't go to Parma cause my Edsel will not run.
Moon over Parma, where those pink flamingos stand.

I need her kisses and the soft touch of her hand.

We're goin bowlin, so don't lose her in Solon.

Moon over Parma, tonight. I said tonight.

Moon over Parma, tonight. Moon over Parma, (2X) Moon over Parma, tonight.
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