A Passage in Fire Lyrics

Gaze descends into fire
Vile the actions impure
How brittle are words
And what may one endure
Break all scriptures and ties
Yield to what will commands
Burn the past beliefs
And follow what flesh demands

Gathering voices defy me
Unbind us from the tales

Blaspheming deeds define me
Unbind us from the graves
Stay under the blazing leaves
Wait for colours to wither
And all light to flee
Trees wearing white
Even the stone will freeze

Does treason rest one-sided
When past festers the wounds
And both rot divided
Inside the common tomb
Arrival to the edge of dreams
Shed light without warmth brought
On emptied halls, reaped fields
This is all
All what you sought

With strength of mortal will
I walk into fire
From world grey with sorrow
I walk into fire
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