Stop Lyrics

"Don't stop the music" It's my password for life
Singing baby into the light
I'm very happy Because the beat is in me
Para para & music Ganguro don't stop!
You know my way
Follow me babe
(The) music's in me
And you will be my dancer
Jumping around
This is the sound
(I'm) ready to shout
You can't stop stop Can't stop the music
If you try (it) I'm here like a superwoman
You can stop stop me tonight
But you can't stop my music
You can't stop stop Can't stop my life
Baby I am (a) careful eurobeat girl
You won't stop stop me tonight
The music make's me crazy
"Don't stop the rhythm" It's the password for you
Dancing, baby, into the groove
Doki doki euroboys & eurogirls
Love & peace & life & music
You can't stop
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