Home Lyrics

Looking out at my window pane
Tears lingering with the rain
I'm so lonesome, I could cry
Just like old Hank
Staring down on the city street
Feeling empty and incomplete
There's a place I need to be
To feel my day

A place I can go
Where I can be free
Where I can be happy and
Just be me

Home, where the long wind's blowin'
And the river's is flowing
Run along, like a lazy b** in
The midnight summer night
Run along, fishing with a friend
And a fishing hope
Rocking, lay down my heavy load
Know that I am always welcomed home
I left home, I was 17
I had a lot of ambitious dreams
Seen a lot of those dreams come true
I had good luck

I ain't complaining, that's for sure
I got a lot to be thankful of
One of those things is a magic door
That opens up

Back to the time when I was a kid
With the sounds of a cricket and the katydids
its called home
On the front porch swingin and fern
pots hangin
Home with the church bells ringin and voices
singing old songs thats mend my mind
like a stitch in time
where the tea is sweet and the loves complete
i wanna go home
i often think about where ive been
where i'm going and lots about friends
when i think of home
where the soul find comfort
and the heat feels pleasure
where the depths of love is hard to measure its
I hear ya callin
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