Somebody Dance With Me (Radio Version) Lyrics

I´m back again on a higher stage
Listen to the party beat and get in range
´Cause you know when I flow and I show you so
Which way is better which way you got to go
To make a fun house party all night
You gotta check this out, yo da ya di
'Cause it´s party over there with glamour and glairs
(So dance move you , Pump that body!)
Move your body, up and down
Side to side, it´s party time
Yeah that´s right we´re dancing tonight
To the sun is coming up and the sky is all bright
We´re coming to the end like you understand
That I´m a partyman do the best I can
To make you laugh again, now I´m out of the scene...

I´ve got this feeling
Somebody dance with me
Somebody dance with me
I´ve got this feeling
Somebody dance with me
Somebody dance with me

Another time, another place
Another rhyme done for every race
In your case, we´re getting rough
I´m not going to stop ´till you get enough
´Cause you groove back and BoBo is back
And you see it yourself, it´s like a heart-attack
My rhymes, combination, infiltration, situation
All over the nation
Like round and round, upside down
Living my life ´till your feet are on the ground
Then put your hands up in the air
And waving like you just don´t care
And if you´re ready to rap, then rap with me
Somebody say OH YEAH! (oh yeah) OH YEAH (oh yeah) AAOW!


Now it´s just the time, I think you´re ready
So make some room and s***e just to hit it
(Move, move that body)
A didley didley dee
Yeah we make the party to the B to the O to the B to the O
Wanna rock your body wanna rock your soul
When I never ever said I do it better
I just know the time, sounds clever
The way you had expected
We´re having for the end
Party that was another story
For the party man, and his clan
So they will come again
Show and improve you, it´s not the end
It´s jam session
My profession
A truly hard yeah one an obsession
But the joke is over, you know what I mean
The party is gone and I´m out of the scene...

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