Forever Came Today Lyrics

There you were standing there
As your eyes reached down to me
Something warm in your eyes
Touched my heart right then and there
All the love I never knew,
I found in you
Suddenly, my world stood still
My life was then fulfilled
As you gently touched my hand,
I knew that we had laid a plan
For everlasting love
That I'd been forever dreaming of

At last, ooh, at last (at last)
My forever came today (forever came today)
When you walked into my life (when you walked into my life)
And made my lonely life a paradise (a paradise)
It came today, forever came today
(Forever came today, forever came today)
As we were standing there,
You didn't speak a single word
But your eyes,
Your eyes said you wanted me
Your touch said you needed me
And my heart said tenderly

Darling, ooh, my darling,
Make me yours
Let your kiss touch my face
And tell me love has led me
To this place
To your warm embrace
Hello, happiness, thanks to you,
My search has ended
And I want the world to see
How gently love has shined on me
With everlasting love
That I'd been forever dreaming of

(repeat and fade out)
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