Guerilla Laments Lyrics

Taken by force but they kept it with pride
And now we can't breathe in the world they describe
Where silence is golden, resistance is numb
We scream our hope straight into the sun
Broken is the world they refuse to see
We won't bow down to a word remembered as liberty
They are preaching on now their time is yet to come
How long before we can make them undone?

In the name of believing
In the name of us all
We sing to tell you the stories untold
Can you hear our mourning?
They've taken our rights
Don't let the truth out of your sight
Deceiving appearance, they're dressed up as gods
Fake that they care, their conscience is lost
Denial their craft, and riots our goal
They lead those who follow and break those who fall

A future blackened by a change of heart
They'll try to fool us that they will greet us with open arms
A promise as empty as when we were sent astray
Our blood on the pen they used to sign our lives away
In the name...

Honesty replaced by greed, they gave us the reason to fight and bleed
They try to torch our faith and hope, spit at our presence and detest our goals

They are preaching on how their time is yet to come
How long before we make them undone?
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