Balrog Boogie Lyrics

Mea c**pa, Ecce Signum, Corpus Vile, Coram Deo
Pactum Serva, Scala Caeli, Gloria Patri, Pax Et Bonum
Sine Cura, Vade Mecum, Casus Belli, Lusus Naturae
Dies Illa, Velut Luna, Dona Es Virtum
(Approx. english translation)
(Through) My (own) fault, Behold the proof, Worthless body, In the presence of the God
Keep the faith, The ladder of heaven, Glory to the Father, Peace and salvation
Without a care, Come with me (/A constant companion), Event (/the cause) of war, A freak of nature

That Day, Like The Moon, Gifts of virtue
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