Daniel Lyrics

Do you still sleep without your pillows in the house on cherry street?
Do you hear the sea?
And we promised we would meet back up in Autumn, but next spring came crawlin' on its knees.
You couldn't fit inside my suit case,
And I didn't wanna be slowed down.
Sometimes I wish that I could turn the clock around.

Why Daniel, I wish you'd talked me out of it, through thin and thick
Why Daniel? Why'd you let me walk away, I would've stayed.
I convinced me If I loved you, I'd leave you, i was lying.
You stood there with your palms out, your crying was silent
Why Daniel, I didn't mean a word I said back then. Why'd you let me win?
I remember when we spoke of flying North to Paris, France, just to feed the birds
And do you still have that old napkin you took home from the cafe, where I wrote those 3 words?

You couldn't follow me to LA
I should have never took that job
Now 3 years have passed and I still feel so robbed
Have you settled down with someone since I gave you time to grow?
Do you ever think about me, was it easy to let go? I was such a foolish soul.
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