There, There, My Dear Lyrics

Dear Robin
Hope you dont mind me writing, its just that theres more than one thing I
need to ask you. If youre so anti-fashion, why not wear flares, instead of
dressing down all the same. Its just that looking like that I can express
my dissatisfaction.
Dear Robin
Let me explain, though youd never see in a million years. Keep quoting
Cabaret, Berlin, Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Duchamp, Beauvoir, Kerouac,
Kierkegaard, Michael Rennie. I dont believe you really like Frank Sinatra.
Dear Robin
Youre always so happy, how the hell do you get your inspiration? Youre
like a dumb patriot. If youre supposed to be so angry, why dont you fight
and let me benefit from your right? Dont you know the only way to change
things is to shoot men who arrange things, Dear Robin
I would explain but youd never see in a million years. Well, youve made
your rules, but we dont know that game, perhaps Id listen to your records
but your logics far too lame and Id only waste three valuable minutes of
my life with your insincerity.

You see Robin, Im just searching for the young soul rebels, and I cant
find them anywhere. Where have you hidden them?
Maybe you should welcome the new soul vision.
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