Keep Your Silver Shined Lyrics

We got the last of the apples,
Rosy just from the weather,
An orchard map spread out green and red.
A ten-cent yellow hat,
Rotten fruit kicked off the path.
Our hands in our pockets
And our pockets in our pants.
Racing out ahead to be the reddest heart beat beating,
Out on the scene busting blood through a young body.
A puddle with a jacket cap,
A picnic in a mountain pass,
A taste of summer coming back:
A summer swam by a foggy dam.
A Poughkeepsie scam around a mountain bend.
The season changed, the best of us changed.
The rest of us stuck behind to keep the silver shined.

A piano in a window bay
A straight back with a ribboned braid
Blue Ridge brick in an almond shade
A chin on a worn-out wrist.
A magnet with a grocery list says:
My, oh my, my toes get tired,
But I dont let on, or let go -- I sing along.

Back home Ive got a couple friends
We drink together on the weekends
We keep our nails trimmed and fingers tough.
I've got a felt hat collection,
A dresser drawer to keep my pants in.
What, oh, what more could a woman want?
I want an overhaul for my guitar,
A clawfoot tub and a shiny car.
I want piles of fruit and a fully stocked bar.
Money for a flight out west,
I want cute shoes and a vintage dress,
New houses for all my relatives.
I want to land in a tugging hand:
A youthful bed with a youthful plan.
I want to wait and take my time,
All my time, to keep my silver shined.
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Keep Your Silver Shined (2007)
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