By Your Command Lyrics

I command, my dominion...
Every heart, and all opinion
Hide me, guide me, dry my tears...
Slowly taking back the years,
By your command!!!
(Ziltoid's Cronies) 'By your command!!!'
By your comrades!
Know I know all I am and we are not, we are not to blame,
For all I have known, we are all, we are all the same

Over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!

Touch it, take it, make it your friend!

You have not convinced mighty Ziltoid... I am so omniscient... If there were to be two omnisciences, I would be both!
Prepare yourself for the subjugation~

Hide Me, Guide Me, dry my tears, by your command!!! Slowly taking back...
Now I know, all I ask is... We are not, we are not to blame
For all I have learned now, we are not to blame

Over and over and over and over and over and over again!!!

Oh, the physical race...you're dying
Oh, with physical grace.

Gone too far for the universe, gone too far for the way on home, gone too far for the universe, the universe

I'm flying... over physical
I'm flying... over physical waste,
I'll keep it live, and stay awake
Ziltoid - Commander...
Gummy - Yes, Captain Ziltoid?
Z - Have the humans delivered their ultimate cup of coffee??
G - I have it right here sir...
Z - ...Yes..(Sluurrp...) ...Fetid! How dare they present this to me?!? Foul! ...They hide their finest bean.. Prepare the attack!!!

Gummy - Commander Ziltoid!!! The humans are preparing themselves for the attack!
Z - Excellent!!! Have you prepared the planet smasher? (Ziltoid's secret weapon..)
Ziltoidian crew - Yes my lord!!!
Z - Indeed ... On my word...
Crew - Yes my lord...

Sergeant Bomber(Human Army Commander...) - Now listen up men.. We represent the planet Earth! I want no heroes. He's gonna be releasing a s****torm on us, we gotta be ready to take him down, hold your positions men. Do not fire until I tell you to fire!!! Have you got that!?!
Army - Yes captain!!!!
SB - Right...Hold your position..Ziltoid he comes!!!
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Ziltoid the Omniscient (2007)