Curses and Epitaphs Lyrics

I"ve been stiffed! One more fix!
How"d it come to this?!
Seen you past, felt your sins,
It"s death for the dead!
Watch your step, take the reigns,
And fill your veins tonight.. fill it!
Full of the evening!
Keep the flame, earn your name.
Try to escape, all the hell that is coming your way!
Self- a**ured, there"s no cure, lost what you had, all so sad!
And I can"t do anything!

All the dreams of youth, the regrets of maturity,
All the angels wept, at the loss of eternity, Eternity!
I"ve been stiffed one more fix, how"d it come to this?
Your desperate attempts won"t last.
While you try to purify the past,
It"s all just curses & epitaphs!

Watch you step, take the reigns,
Of this hurricane!
Let"s feel the cyclone, with all of this rage!
I"m so far gone.
Never mourn, lost what you had,
You"re so far gone, and I can"t do anything!
The days are long,
The nights are longer!

I spend my time, build a heart of armour!
I"m even stronger! Just hold on longer!
Now I"m even stronger!
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