Biological Warfare Lyrics

You're dying
Every single moment passing
Spend your life ignoring it
Slowly choking takes a lifetime
Before your rotting innards quit
Years passing and you're left behind
Better find a faceless soul to blind
Punish them all for your lot in life
Set the trap and sharpen the knife

It's biological warfare
Oh no

Locked in targeted
Tricked me into your submission
Flipped the tables turned it over
Changed it into my remission
Used my brain against itself
Eat itself away
Biological ticking time bomb
Birth my own disgrace

I'd rather die
Be the last of my kind
I gotta pull out
I'm saving my life

You built a bomb
Made of flesh and p***
Don't get what you want
There's blood on your list
It's biological warfare
You've awakened the psycho
It's the DETH of your mind

It's biological warfare
You're collecting your losings
The mistake of your life

It's biological warfare
And you're stuck with the devil's child

It's biological warfare
Draw the curtains and kiss your a**

Like an insect
You're entangled
You're the one that wanted this
DETHLY cycle
You live like a ghost now
Your voiced silenced
Haunting your domain

Leave this nightmare now

Sword sheathed it's
The time for action
No witness yet the raven sees you
Keep moving of goliath meets you
The evil burns and your ending greets you

The behemoth
Demon savage
Shadows growing
Wolven magic

Rabid gorgon
Fled the cage
The unholy
Now enraged

She's gonna hunt you down
That's right
Keep going now
She almost gotcha
Now run
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