Living in the City Lyrics

Let's celebrate, let's celebrate, living in the city
Yea yeah, aye aye, yea yeah, yeahhh!

Sitting in cafe's, drinking Brazil
Watching old ladies struggle up the hill
The sun is winking at me, giving me the eye
There's no better place to watch the time trickle by
'Cause we're living in the city, there ain't no room for peace
Wow, we're living in the city, there ain't no time for sleep
Hey, we're living in the city, where everything is free
Oh, where I want to be, hey hey, is living in the city
City eh eeh, city ehhh
Walking 'round the buildings, watching pictures on the wall
People lying homeless, got no love at all
Standing next to history, everything is grand
People from the country never understand

Find yourself a place (oh find yourself a place)
Where there's caring and there's sharing
Find yourself a s***e
where there's loving (loving), hoping (hoping),
touching, feeling, feeling
Living in, living in, living, living in the city
Where I want to be, where I want to be
Oh oh, ah ah ah, oh, ah ah
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