Till Death Do Us Part Lyrics

Caught up in your lies,
that torture you to death,
the end of compromise,
you're found to be unfit,
You can not be believed,
and now the truth for all be told,
the veil of ill hyprocrisy,
it's taking out it's toll.
Lie in your deception,
and before your god you weep,
ridden to a life of pain
for all you have deceived.

All is not forgotten and for all
eternity, you will bare the burden
of the things you've done to me.

I won't take you till your death,
throw you back from where you left,
cherishment of vows unmeant,
God will get you once your dead.
Back to where you started from
of preying on the weak,
child of misguided light
unsure of what you need,
Running from your past mistakes
pretending you are right,
lesser men will stand by you
and all you do decide.
Devastate you with contempt,
lost forever your descent,
sacraments of love unknown,
suffer by yourself alone.
Always to be ostracized forever till
your death, never will you live it
down until your final breath.

Till death do us part,
fall from heaven and my heart,

Till death do us part,
holy vows are ripped apart,

Till death do us part,
one with evil and you are,

Till death do us part,
meaningless and dead to god,
Call who you want,
wont bother me a bit,
you will only hurt your
worthless life of living s***,
The pleasuring of l*** has
d***ed you to your final death,
never will you find the peace
with in what you regret,
Pity and a**umption and
the loss you're going to know,
leave you in the shadows
of the one you cant adore,
Welcome to a nightmare
of a constant loss you dream,
always will you live with what
you thought would never be.

Till death do us part
shine the light on what you are

Till death do us part
gone forever from my heart
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