Soteria Lyrics

Soteria The key to bring salvation
The gate to give redemption
The access to be free
Soteria The bless who came to heal you
To give the peace and safety
To prosper, to preserve,
Your soul

There are so many wealth,
Prepared for you

The miracle,
Doesn't come from witchcraft
The answers,
Doesn't come from a ouija board
Your destiny,
Doesn't come from tarot...no...
The solution,
Doesn't come from rituals or suicide

There was a man,
Who came to set free your soul
His sacrifice was the price,
For you and me

The world,
The world is lost in wrong ways
Is lost,
Is lost in vanities of mind
Searching for answers but
Don't want,
Don't want to hear the only true
There are,
There are so many souls
Confused and destroyed by
Themselves they can not see
That the, solution,
Solution is at hand

Receive...your health
Receive...the light
Open...your eyes
Is time...to fly

Oh Son of God
Come fill their hearts
Come heal thie lifes
They need your sign
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Soteria (2008)
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