Wish You Were Here Lyrics

Oh, I need somebody to play with baby
You have what somebody
else has to stay with
I simply cannot ignore you
Come over here, I'll do
something for you
Girls won't, boy's don't
You've got me, you get a lot of meat
I call you up and
*all I can say is oh I wish
you were here, here
where I can see ya, see ya
**I should grow up
and learn that people
are not toys now
forget it boy, forget it boy
I won't
I have got my fingers in my ears
I block out what people are saying
Block out the noise
Block out the noise
You won't
No one would know
No one would know
Oh won't you please come
No one would know
You know I wish, I wish
that you were here
I wish, I wish that you were here
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