No Big 'Ting Lyrics

Can't seem to sew
A single hole in my pocket
Lord, I've tried
Yeah, money talks
I should know
Mine always says, "Goodbye"
And I know that money can't buy love
I've parked my speedboat next to some
This jungleness badboy sufferer
Yes I have
Price of an education
Least now I know it's no big t'ing

No big thing
Time for these bootheels to be wanderin'
Towards those burning sands
A genetical testimony
That white boys simply cannot dance
Can't let that little stuff trip you up
I'll take the fattest chance
Now I've got the answer
To a question no one asked
So, here's two rules
I got for you
Great ones for living under
First, don't sweat that little s***
Second is, there ain't no other
Tattoos, scars, and missing parts
And all the rich have ever proven
Is they are to life
What American Bandstand is to the theory of evolution
Price of an education
Least now I know it's no big thing

No big thing
Who needs the aggravation
Least now I know it's no big ting
Stamps in my passport
Now they're Polaroids and drinkin' stories
And I've got some good ones
Now it's getting harder to ignore me
Now I'm believing half the reason
Just for leavin' is coming home
Where ya been
Who'd ya do
What ya done?
I'll be lounging on the Rivera
Rivera couch that is...
When you're surfin' 40 footers
You don't need no tricks
The future's looking brighter
Every beer that I pour in me
But even this I have to say
With absolute uncertainty
Too much exasperation
Least now I know it's no big thing
No big t.c
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