Rattle That Lock Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Whatever it takes to break
Gotta do it
From the burning lake or the eastern gate
You'll get through it
[Chorus 1]
Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Rattle that lock

[Verse 2]
Let's go do it
Have it all our way
Go back to where we blew it
And lose our heads along the way

[Chorus 2]
So long sin, au revoir chaos
If there's a heaven, it can wait
[Guitar solo]

Rattle that lock
Lose those chains

[Verse 3]
And all the other travellers
Become phantoms to our eyes
Furius and his Revellers
Fallen angels in disguise
[Chorus 3]
No discord, chance or rumour
Is going to enter of this place

[Verse 4]
So, let's get to it
It's calling like a flame
Through the darkness and the night
The world suspended on a golden chain

[Chorus 3]

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