Skywriter Lyrics

can't you see the vision of love
when you look up in the sky
Skywriter on the run
Grows a life in a song
Shining on my soul
Skywriter on the run
I'm going to bring you the news
and kiss the skies
Skywriter on the run
i've been searching
so high that i burned my wings
and i haven't found what was written in the sky
got a fear of what you did
and i know that you are the one who can find
and really understand
I came so far to give you fantasy
i hope you open up your mind

but you know that you're a star for me
i came so far
skywriter on, skywriter...
Now on my bed when i sleep
i close my eyes and i see
shadows dancing in vain
let me show you the way

and you will understand
what does this scream and,
finding the keys in your eyes
skywriters in the sky
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Skywriter (2009)
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