I Am the Void Lyrics

Drink this water again
That runs by without memory
Where your name is lost
Drink and forget yourself
This featureless stream
That carries your face further on
These waters know you
It calls you by your one true name
Have you ever noticed
The s***es in between
Where life is in recession
And agony begins

I am the call, I speak inside of you
I am the void that haunts you
I am the howl
That calls you out
(x2)I am the void
You rest your weary head
On to the underworld
And let the silent whispers
Guide your waking dreams
In time with the pulse
Of what is long since gone
The beat of the fallen
Is cold already in your blood

The machinery of chaos
Comes alive in you
Chained to the grinding wheel
Of forces unseen

You have always been between
Another set of walls
Outside of which the world
Is watching down on you
Inside the silence speaks
Kept close to the endless alibi
Never reaching out
Never give in

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