Caves and Embers Lyrics

Despite what is out there burning
Our faces remain intact
We hear the screaming of the voiceless
Yet we are numb to the pain of others
We filter out the light
It never penetrates our blinding screens
We can take a stand
But in the end it all means nothing
We rage out but we are wasting away

From the roots below
To the boundless stars above
We are nothing at all
What separates us from the others
A difference in choices made
We take an insignificant stance
What would we do in a opinion vaccuum
When left unaccountable
So here we are far from the world
Just wasting away

Doing nothing being nothing
We are the favoured design
And we're wasting away
From the caves and embers
To the heart of the beyond
We are nothing at all

Here we are doing nothing
Being nothing
We are wasting away
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