He Don't Love You Like I Love You Lyrics

Tell me I should not be feeling what
I am today
Tell me to silence my heart
Tell me we've been here before
And I will walk away from your love
For there is a wall between you and I
And he hasn't been treating you right
I've been watching it all
I've seen you cry
And I just gotta tell you tonight

That he don't love you like I love you
Don't think about you like I think about you
He don't want to have your children
He don't want to build his life around you
Tell me this love's just a feeling and
will pass away
Tell me your heart is a liar
Tell me you're not what I know you are
All that a man could desire
And he doesn't know
Darling, what he's got
But I would treasure you
If you give me a chance
I will make you smile
I will give you a love that's true
But he don't love you like I love you...
So why can you not see
This place in your heart that was
made for me
Why must you hide yourself away
And why must you fight
The way that I'm holding your hand tonight
Take a chance and give your heart to me
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