Bad Reputation Lyrics

When you wake up in the morning, and you're lyin' in my bed
Do you think of me, how I made you scream
It was an all night love affair (are you ready, I'm ready)
Say "Mary go 'round again"
Would a lollipop get ya back on top from the candy man, yeah friend?
Got a hunger for affection, I just can't get enough
Well I read you, baby, like an open book
Now the doctor's in, let me take a look
Say yeah, yeah, s'alright

I got a bad, bad reputation
(I got) a bad, bad reputation

When you step into the spotlight, you're a cherry red machine
(wanna touch you, want to taste you)
Want to kiss you in between
You legs say action, your body built for speed
I know what I do for you, won't you do the same for me
Did I mention my intentions?
I just can't get enough
You can huff and puff, try to blow me down
But the big bad wolf is back in town
Say yeah, yeah, I'll b***
I got a bad, bad reputation
A bad, bad reputation

Ever heard the story (said it's true)
'Bout a travelin' man (he'd been around)
He could have any woman (welcome to)
Palm of his hand (blow ya down)
She could never fight it (no she won't)
Cause you know she needs it so bad, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Bad, bad reputation (repeats)
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