Latin Thugs Lyrics

[Sen Dog]
Don't be like, uh, a Cubano
Be like ? stoned marijuano
Esta capitan pingolete
Swing is here with the force of a machete
Kick mad lingo from Spain to Tijuana
Real hijo de puta homeboy ask yo mama
No me importa pinga mi nia
All I wanna know que 'ta bueno cinga
Don't be scared echate pa' ca
What's the play dog homeboy goin' on
Ni**as O.G. straight veterano
Master the Spanglish style encojonao
Y'all fools know aqui no se juega
Don't act a fool y no rompa las reglas
We bien crazy a** asesino
Get your guns ready aqui viene peligro

[Chorus: Tego Calderon]
Salte con tego
Llegaron los mero mero
Cuba, Borinquen, Mexico entero
Los Angeles, como arriba, andale
Prende la mota, pero lo que quiero es c**e
Salte con tego
Llegaron los mero mero
Cuba, Borinquen, Mexico entero
Los Angeles
They call me papi chulo
You know I'm puro
I never fade away
You see me comin' get your a** runnin I know you hate away
Hit the leo harder than most n***** you idolize
Get it started quicker and hit you before you try to hide

[Sen Dog]
Latin thug roll deep pandillero
Puro Los Angeles South side ghetto
Carpet, car black y perro loco
Keep an eye on that fiend, porque yo me la cojo
'E pingado, poca lita
Saco mi pinga y me singo la pista
Can't get enough of them L.A. skonka
Get a little wild y me como la chocha
Listen up compa the big cypress loma
Still right here y todavia te controla
This ain't no Telemundo special
The homies that I roll with for real will come wet you

[Tego Calderon]
Hey who the f*** is that
Otro negro loco, daddy
Y necolado,
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