That's How It Is Lyrics

Coolio: What up fow?
-Ain't nuthin man, wassup wit you?
C: Try'n to get my hustles on, you know how it is
(right, right)
-What you doin' nowadays?
C: Hustlin', what you doin'?
-School, man. I'm tryin' to get out of this m****f****, man.
C: Right, well go then...hehe you know what I'm sayin', I'm tryin' to
make money.

C: Ah s***, d*** there it goes, ah s***!
- See there man, that's what I'm tryin' to do, get up out this
man.I'm fed up with this s***. n***** set trippin', I ain't even
C: What
-You know what I'm sayin'? Drive-bys and s***, m****f****s steelin' my
s***, crackheads. I'm tired of this s***.
C: That's how it is around here though, man. You've been livin' around
here though man.
- Right, right but I'm tired of it.
C: Right,I here you, man.You know sumthin' though?
- What's up man?
C: As much as I hate this m****f****, I love this m****f****.
- Right.
C: That's how the ghetto is, man.
-You're right.
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