Interlude Lyrics

Coolio man what'cha need ta do man is kick that old
gangsta s*** man some of that rolin down ya street in ya 6 4
slangin ya dope blastin on fools ya know
Coolio what about the women I mean
don't'cha want to represent the sistas
as well why aren't you comin up wit
somthin for us a little encouragement
we want to hear frim you to

Coolio look ya had your humungus
hit 1,2,3,4
Now how about this for hip high view
5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate
Now we can win with that
Hey hey hey Coolio hey brotha
Hey brotha check this out what cha
gonna do for the people huh tell me brotha
Um Coolio you got it goin on now
You know I always like it at you
When you gonna call me.wit yo ugly a**

Look at me here boy don't be listenin to
nothin they be sayin out there 'cause you
da one look all ya gotta do is keep doin what'cha doin whi'cha
heart and your soul
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