Antagonist Lyrics

Make me not suffer from delusion
But all the faces just the same
They're dancing in the passion
They all like to be insane
And settled voice of thousand pacers
Make them going to extremes
So I am like the one of those dancers
Becoming drown into this spin

I am all against this life
This curse is not for me
And I prefer to hide
Inside these darkest streets
1 won't reveal my soul
I'll wait and let it sleep
I'll play another role
In game you'll never leave
Never leave...

Still the same I see things clearly
It doesn't matter what they do
They color life asking no questions
With sheeny light of weak perfume

Preacher forgive their life and take it
With an the sins to testify
Standing behind the crowd I'm waiting
And the times just passing by
In this moment I cannot wake
I cannot be myself at all
In this moment I cannot take
Back again my restless soul

In this moment I never know
What in the world that sets me free
In this moment lights go on
In the show we'll never leave....
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