Ten Speed (of God's Blood and Burial) Lyrics

I can feel it in the way your blood and heart beats
My body's cold and it thinks I'm already gone
Or is it in the way your body moves
I'd like to tell you
But I think that you already know
The words I drag out from your mouth speak
So listen up world, listen up world
In her vision I have given company
They see no evil in leading their bodies from home

Believer, you'll leave her, in leaving them all
No but I don't buy it
Like anything you do, as anyone you are
Ten Speed, if I must...then I must
If written wrote me even chance
And the choice to save you
I wouldn't answer if it even had to ask
In her figure I've instilled a taste of my own
To make it easier to take what life I'm owed
As the curse has returned from the hell of you
Heart and your soul
Nobody knows but you
I don't want to ride tonight...
No I don't want to go

Cause I'm...
Ten speed, of God's blood and burial
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