Dreamtime Lyrics

Something in my mind keeps me satisfied
Shoved aside pushed to the wayside
If you lead I will follow you
Vague memories in my mind they hide
Shoved aside to get thrown by the wayside
If you lead I will follow you

Dreamtime comes quick when broken
Keep me satisfied so help me

So long I prayed for dreamtime so help me

And it's inside of you my friend
Who'll save me who will?
It's all inside of you, dreamtime
Coal Chamber

Lost and lonely
Your colors surrounding me
It's only my way to breakn' free
In my mind I hear the souee

Don't you see I'm set free
I'm set gone gone free
Lost and lonely
You make your way through this day
Preceding your way after way I hate
In my mind I here the souee
Souee here pig pig pig pig

Murderer, terror, killer, terror
Filthy, I'm filthy
I'm filthy swine and I'm filthy

Don't read the writing
Well come up and you will see
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