Tides Lyrics

Memories, bittersweet; open arms, to embrace the reef.

Sinking, not just that sinking feeling.
Anchors, at my feet; salt water, rushing past my teeth.

Sinking, into the crushing black.

Sinking, I hate that sinking feeling.

I know there's something wrong, breathing in but not breathing out, inhaling water I'm burning my lungs.


[Under waves. Still tracing steps I've taken, footprints in the sand.]
Footprints get washed away, I think I'm lost, need to be saved.

[Will you ever get here?]

[I'm not waiting for, the tides to change.]

[I'm not waiting for, the tides to change.]

No more, chances to; rectify my mistakes.

You had, the best of me, the last of me.
Buried; I will be, beneath the waves.

Heart beats, waves swell. Bid light, farewell.

Deep below. No more chances.

[To catch my] breath.

My right hand.

You're no God.
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