After You Lyrics

Took a walk last Sunday just to get out
Clear away the cobwebs and the taste in my mouth

This city I'm living in just ain't bringing me round
Thought I can lose you by moving downtown
With every step I took I saw you there
And when I start talking to myself
I know I'm getting nowhere

* After you
There's no over you
There's no in-between
No good songs to sing
'cause after you
There's no someone new
There's no start again
'cause no matter where I go or what I do
I go after you
Even the sunshine isn't as bright as it was
But how would I know that when I never look up

I'm so fulla shoulda woulda coulda and a ton of regret
Looking for answers but nothing's come to me yet
So I try to distract myself with everything and nothin'
But tommorow I'll wake up and still be running

(repeat *)

After you... I got so low I didn't even recognize myself
Or the wind blow
But here I am with nowhere, left to go...... 'Cause

(repeat *)

After you
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