We Clubbin Lyrics

Yeah, G.I.B.
Get it boys

I don't know what y'all about to do
But I'm about to hit the streets with my crew
And, keep clubbin'
Quit complainin' yeah dog you look cool
Now pull out your chains and floss your jewels
And, keep clubbin'
I pull up on gold shoes I walk in actin' fool
Hell nah it aint no rules
When, we clubbin'
Head to toe everything I got in is new
Plus those you know we keep two
And, we clubbin'.

It's a mess up with these fake ballers in their place
People comin' out cause they heard I'm comin' back like Mase,
Big body Benz plenty s***e, Hundred dollar big face
Watch her lick our waist, when we clubbin'
Get it girls got it locked
Get it boys in the spot
Take it off you gettin' hot, cause we clubbin'
In my pocket got รข??em not
Representin' Slot-A-Lot
Dirty you can get shot, when we clubbin'
Abrah Kadabrah then I appear in the back
Throwin' it up with all the high rollers that pop crack
My lemon has studs no they not that
You paid fifty homie go and get your money back

Rich Money got a bottle and he waitin' to trip (g.i.b.)
Ol' G posted with a blunt to his lip
Valdez on the floor two-steppin' with his
Boozie already out thurr startin' some s***
Get it Boy gang, S.T.L. set
Phantom car keys, leather Gucci vest
V.I.P. then somethin' to eat
She leavin' with me then hotel suite
Play it like a G, pimpin' man I got to be
Five Million really ain't a lot to me
Maybe pop your pee ?
And move your F.O.'s and drop your knee
And put wurr I can see, cause we clubbin'


Headed to the next stop in my Rage Rover
Police pull me over, though they can't stop me from clubbin'
Man you know I'm swervin' wild
See your boy not sober
But I got it I'm a soldier and I'm still clubbin'
50 cars followin' us
10 chicks swallowin' us
Four five hallows bust ? when we clubbin'
A big dog not a mutt
Keep starin' hater what
I'm about to get this locked up, f***, we clubbin'
Put your money wurr your mouth
West cost to the East, Mid-West to the South, out, they clubbin'
26's on the hummer
Errday like it's summer
Wait tripper take a number I'm still clubbin'

Yeah, yeah
Keep clubbin'
Whoa, whoa
Keep clubbin'
Uh-huh, uh-huh
We clubbin'
Yes, yes
We clubbin'
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